Problem: People don't give rough sleepers cash on the streets because they think it will be spent on drugs and alcohol. 

Solution: CRACK + CIDER: Shop for the Homeless is a shop where you can buy essential items for London's rough sleepers and we'll distribute them across the capital. 

Success: To date, we've raised over £100,00 in public donations and launched in 4 cities. This meant we could deliver over 9,000 items to the homeless people in both the UK and America.

The project has lead to television coverage on BBC News, London Live and ITV News as well as to becoming a contributing writer to The Huffington Post. You can also read about it on Time OutThe Evening StandardMashableMetro or The Huffington Post. 


When we started this project we knew nothing of the complexities surrounding the issue. The disparity between the figures is astounding and nobody really seems to know what to do for the best. We decided to ask the experts and held a panel discussion to get some answers to the questions this project has raised. It was a resounding success and was sponsored by Franco Manca, Dalston Cola and Hawkes Cider (of course...).