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Social Rehab

Brief: Do something good, famously. (BBH)

Answer: Get people off of their smartphones when they are out with their friends to get them interacting in the offline world again. To do this we produced the Social Rehab Toolkit comprising of digital characteristics that we brought to life including Instagram glasses, Facebook ‘Like’ stickers, Draw Something doodle pads and Twitter notecards. These were designed to create enough conversation so that people wouldn’t feel the need to look at their smartphones. We also held an event where we asked people to lock away their phones in exchange for drinks discounts. The longer you kept your phone away, the bigger the discounts became.

The campaign resonated across the world and featured on websites such as Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Yahoo and Design Taxi.

We contacted local bloggers to seed the campaign...

We held the world's first phone locker event at Loof, The Rooftop Bar on 4th August from 7-11pm. Everyone was invited to lock their phones up in exchange for a 10% discount on drinks for every hour they could keep away from their phones. 400 people attended and 150 phones were locked away.